“Alexa Play My Podcasts”


Experience Podcasts on Alexa!

Alexa offers a customizable experience further engaging your listeners with the conversation and even making it possible to donate directly to you!

To experience our finished products just say the activation phrase listed below with each finished product!


Flash briefings

Explore flash briefings and the distinct user experience that this feature brings your podcast! Become apart of your listeners daily routine. Post dynamic content and automate release dates!



Add StartEdUp flash briefing via amazon App or say, “Alexa StartEdUp Morning Motivation”

Don Wettrick runs a successful Podcast centered around Education and Innovation.f

PodcApps Guide

On our sample product we share information on what a flash briefing includes and an example of best practice usage of this unique tool!




Currently In Development. Look for updates in December 2018!

GoPlantIt is centered around building a community of environmentalists and activism reigniting connection and saving the environment!


Alexa Podcast Streaming


Steve Sims

We are teaming up with The CEO of BlueFishing to bring his new Podcast on one of the most Innovative platforms making it possible for Users to experience his Podcast and Insight on via Alexa!

Look for updates on this coming January 2019!


We are partnering with Don Wettrick and StartEdUp Foundation to bring their message to Alexa be on look out for more details soon!

Currently In Development the StartEdUp Alexa Podcast will be released by January 2019!


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PodcApps Example

PodcApps has built a Template to showcase what our Product will do. This is a new product and we wanted to share the capabilities and power that Alexa can bring to your Podcast!

There is a huge opportunity to make your content apart of Millions of Users everyday life! Look for updates December 2018!