Amazon Alexa Skills For Your Content



Reach a Larger Audience

We are a group of developers determined to bring your voice to the cutting edge stage of Amazon Alexa Skills. We can make your Podcast or blog into a Flash Breifing, or a fully fledged Alexa content streaming skill (coming very soon) putting your content into the smart homes of listeners, or readers. Alexa Skills can be used by both Podcasters and Bloggers who wish to catch on to the new wave of consuming content.

New Wave of Content Distribution

Some of the largest names in the podcast and content creation space have released their own Alexa skills, and Flash briefings to reach their audience. The Joe Rogan Experience, and Garry V. have created apps for their listeners smart homes using Alexa, and we can bring you into this space as well.


Customizable Podcast Streaming

Utilizing Amazon’s framework we can now build a customizable listening experience for your audience including donations, playlists, data collection, and Voice messages from you, the Host!

We are dedicated to making a more personal podcast experience for your listeners. Check the shop to take the next step Today!

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